Christmas Club

An easy, flexible way to save for the holidays, while earning interest!  You may make deposits at your convenience, or, you may have it automatically drafted out of your checking or savings accounts.  And, a low minimum balance requirement to start you off!

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Account Details

  • Minimum Opening Balance $5.00
  • Minimum Balance to receive annual percentage yield (APY) $5.00
  • Make deposits at your convenience
  • No withdrawals*
  • Accumulated funds, plus interest earned are automatically deposited into your Sabine State bank account or sent by check no later than the end of October
  • 50 week program

Additional Benefits

  • Earn interest on a low minimum balance
  • Deposit any amount, whenever you choose and begin accruing interest
  • No Monthly Maintenance Fee
  • FREE Online Banking -- viewable with your existing online banking account
  • 24/7 account information via access line

See Interest Rates

Open a Sabine State Bank Account today, contact a Sabine State Bank representative!

* No withdrawals allowed; the account will close if any debit transaction occurs and a fee of $5.00 will be charged
** Interest is compounded annually & will be credited to the account at maturity
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